Our Community Service Projects

Restored Image provides access to resources for our underserved communities. These resources will include, but are not limited to re-entry assistance, homeless population help, and leading community education events to assist with healthcare and nutrition.


Community Assistance

 We provide a wide range of services to individuals within our communities that need us the most. Our services address immediate needs with long term solutions to help those enjoy continuous support and access to resources, education, and healthcare that promote confidence and self-reliance.

  • Conducting a comprehensive clothing and shoe and clothing drive for the community, distributing essential items including ponchos, backpacks, blankets, food and beverages.
  • Empowering families in Title I Schools with dedicated support for navigating healthcare access, available in both English and Spanish.
  • Providing education and guidance on securing health insurance for individuals under 65, along with assistance for those aged 65 and older in navigating Medicare.
  • Offering valuable insights and support for navigating Medicaid and other healthcare insurance providers.
  • Identifying additional needs and, through our extensive network of partners, offering direct assistance or leveraging our connections to provide further support.
  • Procurement of housing, assistance with housing, and halfway housing placement.
  • Staff of navigators who address individual needs, including finding medical and dental facilities, providing transportation, etc.


Community Education Events

Outreach and education for all people, with a focus on minority and disadvantaged communities. These are conducted in churches, senior living facilities, school events and other community-based events.

  • Collaborative Re-entry Support: Partnering with parole offices and prison transition organizations to enhance the prospects of individuals exiting the system and reducing the likelihood of re-entry.
  • Holistic Housing Solutions: Facilitating housing procurement, offering assistance, and facilitating halfway housing placements for a smoother transition into society.
  • Dedicated Navigator Team: Our expert staff of navigators caters to individual needs, such as locating medical and dental facilities, providing transportation, and addressing various challenges during the re-entry process.

Nutrition Program Resources:

We are proud to introduce our nutrition programs designed to provide various nutritional foods, while aiding in the fight against food insecurity in our communities. Download the programs’ documents to learn more: