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The 60’s were turbulent. No doubt about it. Everything was being questioned and turned upside down—sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Jeans, overalls, tie-dyed T’s and flannel shirts were standard issue. Bras were burned. Soap and haircuts were optional. “Sex, drugs, and rock and roll” was the mantra for many.

But then God stepped in. Hippies started becoming Jesus Freaks, and for a brief season, Jesus was a Superstar. It was cool to be a Christian.

Songwriter Keith Green was calling a generation to repent and to give their lives unreservedly to the Savior. It seemed the Sexual Revolution was soon competing with a new Jesus Revolution. It was pretty groovy.

How we need a revolution today!

One theme of that era was to “live more simply so that others might simply live.” Support for World Vision and Bread for the World was hip. It was a counter-cultural message in a time of growing materialism. And it certainly fell in line with the values of the Kingdom.

Most Christians today long for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in our churches and across the land. The Holy Spirit filling hearts and renewing minds is always the starting point. Obedience to Jesus rightly flows out of love for him.

As for the sexual issues which this blog addresses, my hope and prayer is for a new generation of Christians to catch fire and make joyful obedience to God regarding both money and sensuality.

We know quite clearly what the world says about the latter:

  • “If it feels good, do it!”

  • “It’s OK as long as it’s consensual.”

  • “This is what I feel, therefore this is who I am.”

  • “I have a right to be sexually fulfilled.”

  • “It’s just a video. No one is getting hurt.”

These are the drumbeats many march to unwaveringly and unquestioningly. And God’s people can often be found tapping their toes with the rhythm.

Our culture is not evolving, as many assume. We are devolving, becoming more like pagan cultures of old, shaping our worldviews around what we feel and experience, and discarding the boundaries God has drawn.

This will be my last post for a while. I need to focus my efforts on finishing a new book on sexual addiction. (If God enables and Seedbed Publishing approves, it will probably be released in 2020.)

As the Spirit moves, perhaps youth will find a new theme regarding our sexuality: “May we live more holy so that others might live more whole.”  And may we who even now experience the work of the Spirit, model this message for them.

Does this resonate with you at all? Feel free to comment. Better yet, email me at

  • Jayebirdie

    I always love your thoughtful and grace-filled messages. Blessings to you.

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