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After over a year of silence, I am rebooting this blog. Emails like this one will be coming monthly with pithy snippets, enticing you to click on a link. And then if you do, you will find my thoughts on a wide variety of different sexual subjects and how the Church should respond.

If that’s not reason enough to search the bottom of this message for the UNSUBSCRIBE button, here are seven more.

And if you do unsubscribe, no problem. I will still sleep soundly.

OK, then, the first reason is this: Good Christians don’t think deeply about, much less discuss, issues of sexuality. Their minds are pretty much made up.

Well, that may not be true for you. After all, you didn’t click the UNSUBSCRIBE button. At least not yet . . .

The second reason? You will probably disagree. And those of us who are conflict avoidant get downright uncomfortable with controversy.

“Left” and “Right”. Blue states and red. Liberals and Conservatives. Yes, we are so neatly and painfully divided in our culture and within the Church. And no matter which theological camp you call home, you will likely disagree with something I write.

So, if you only want info that conforms to your current bias, go back to your email server and search for that button. (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the email.)

Not convinced yet? Here’s a third reason: I will insist the Bible has it right. Now even if you are conservative, that in itself may be a good reason to hit UNSUBSCRIBE.

Increasingly I hear evangelicals ditching the clear teachings of scripture. Their reasons are varied, but often it is anger toward the hypocrisy of other evangelicals and the sincere love for God they find in their gay friends.

You won’t find me throwing the usual Bible darts with simplistic answers. Nope. But I will engage you to think theologically and consistently about all sexual issues, not just the ones popping up on social media.

Fourthly, I won’t be beating up sexual minorities. If you are looking for handy ammo to put people in their place, unsubscribe, my friend. These monthly posts will make you think outside of your box. (Did I just hear some clicks?)

Number five: I won’t be rallying folks to overturn civil laws about marriage, bathrooms and other such stuff. The Church crawling in bed with the GOP has pretty well turned the minds and hearts of millennials against the gospel. We have won some ideological battles, but are losing the war. (Wow. More clicks.)

Anyone still reading? Then here’s the sixth: You will find no promises of personal sexual fulfillment for Jesus followers.

Not that God is averse to bedroom bliss. Far from it. But taking up our crosses for Jesus means celibacy for singles and faithfulness of mind, heart and body for the married. Sometimes that brings suffering.

The brokenness of this sin-saturated world has brought distortions and dysfunctions for the best of disciples. And his greatest concern for us? It’s not that somehow we find sexual fulfillment. It is that we abide closely with Jesus.

Whew! Do we really need a seventh reason? Here it is anyway: We all hate junk mail! OK, “hate” may be too soft of a word!

So feel free to unsubscribe. No hard feelings at all. I promise!

But if you believe God’s people need to be both biblical and relevant in our sex-saturated society, hang on. Read each post. Leave angry comments, even.

And if you are enthusiastically supportive, forward the email to others! Encourage them to subscribe! They can simply email me:

Let’s gather a tribe of people who want to discuss sexuality with discreet intelligence.

Comments? State why you are either unsubscribing or sticking with it.

  • Donnie Blystone

    I am sticking with it for now. Looks like there could be some controversy and someone told me once I thrive on controversy. Actually your reasons for unsubscribing are the reasons I will not. Looking forward to some good biblical teaching that I may not like, but I need to understand. Prayers moving forward for you, the readers and all the people we connect with.

    Donnie Blystone

    • Mark Ongley

      Glad you are staying on board!

  • Mary Sandgren

    Mark, I am sticking with it for now. I am curious and open to an ongoing discussion about sexual issues in the church. I welcome further healing and revealing of personal unknown biases for the sake of helping others on the journey. Thanks for the invitation! Many prayers being said to cover the future of these conversations.

    • Mark Ongley

      Stay curious and open, Mary, and rooted in the Scriptures. I know you will help many in the future!

  • Richard M Thomas Jr.

    Mark, I have been reading your Book “Into the Light” recently and genuinely enjoying it. Great scriptural application and devoid of any bias other than the inspiration of scripture!

    • Mark Ongley

      Glad you’ve found it enjoyable. I wanted it to be “user-friendly”. Always appreciate your support, Richard.

  • Werner

    I am sticking with it

    • Mark Ongley

      Tremendous, my brother. Good to have support in Detroit!

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