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Dr. Mark Ongley

ornament1With over 25 years of pastoral ministry experience and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Formational Counseling, Dr. Mark Ongley helps people find healing and greater wholeness in the area of their sexuality.

Retreats & Seminars

ornament1 Dr. Ongley is available to speak on a broad range of topics and issues related to sexuality. His keynote education seminar Pastoral Care and Sexual Abuse is a six hour event for pastors and counselors.


ornament1 We seek to equip the Church to address issues of sexuality with intelligence and minister to the sexually broken effectively.


ornament1First-hand stories of clergy and lay leaders being equipped to minister to those affected by sexual abuse, sexual addiction, adultery, aversion and same-sex attraction.

Upcoming Events

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Welcome fellow struggler. You have stumbled upon a safe resting place in your journey.

You have found a place of acceptance, comfort and validation in your struggle.

You have also found a place to explore, to ask questions and get answers.

Pause a moment to enter this site for you will find hope.

Blessings~ Elise Jefferis, RN, LCSW

“The sexual appetite presses for satisfaction . . . So we start with the certainty that sexual indulgence will be popular and that Christianity will be most difficult precisely at that point.”

Herbert Hensley Henson, Anglican Bishop of Durham

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