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Christmas Greetings!nativity

In studying for a sermon, I discovered a few interesting thoughts regarding Joseph and Mary.  In their day, people entered into a legal agreement in order to be engaged.  To break an engagement for, let’s say, a fiancé getting pregnant by someone else, you needed to go through a legal process which was very public.

 If Joseph filed for a “divorce” from the engagement, he would be making plain to everyone the baby was not his.  Then the shame would fall like a thud on Mary.  However, he decided to dismiss her quietly.  That would communicate that he believed the child to be his.  Looking like a deadbeat dad, the shame would be on him.

After deciding to spare Mary the humiliation, he then receives a dream about this special child who would save his people from their sins.

Whether it’s pregnancy out of wedlock, sexual abuse, sexual addiction or sexual aversion, shame falls upon us like a Crisco-covered blanket.  The church has often simply added to the mess, leaving us feeling icky.

But thanks be to God for the one who despised the shame of the cross and took our sorrows upon himself.  May we stay in step with his healing grace in the year that is before us!


And now on the lighter side . . . I thought I’d share one of my challenges.  Thus far I have sent out notices for nearly 60 blog posts.  The mass email system that I use is Zoho—yeah, I know, you’ve never heard of them before.

Each mass mailing has to be sent to Zoho for review.  By their standards, there can be nothing in the subject line of a sexual nature so that the mailing isn’t marked as spam.  I’m guessing you can see the irony and challenge of crafting 60 attention-grabbing subject lines on sexual topics without any reference to sexuality!  Some months it’s a stretch!

Also, a good friend bought one of my books as a Christmas gift for a friend.  Her teenage daughter smirked and said, “Yeah, Mom.  Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ quite like a book on sex!”  Funny!  But so glad the book is getting out there!

If you found the video helpful, recommend it to a friend or post it on Facebook.

And if you know of someone who might actually like to see my book under their Christmas tree, email me at  I’ll get one to you right away ($18 plus $2.60 for Santa’s helpers at USPS).

 Much grace to you!


  • Heather Escontrias

    Yeah, they make great Christmas gifts, as long as you know the person well enough to pull it off. It’s kind of like giving underwear for Christmas. You have to have the kind of relationship in which that’s OK :). Hope it sells well for Christmas and beyond.

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