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The following are endorsements of the book, Into the Light: Healing Sexuality in Today’s Church.Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.45.42 PM

 This resource is a treasure, in the way it is written and in the content it contains. It holds value for the person on a journey to wholeness as well as for any caregiver wanting to help people encounter the healing power and freedom available through Jesus Christ. I could not recommend it more!


Dr. Terry Wardle

Ashland Theological Seminary

Healing Care Ministries


He writes as a pastor sharing out of his own experience and study. He speaks with the authority of one who has dared to name sin while announcing grace in the midst of deep and caring relationships. His words are direct and simple to understand so that the energy of the reader can be spent discerning how they might be applied in their lives and contexts.

 In a culture and a church that seems to be lost when it comes to God’s best for the human sexual experience, Into the Light is a ray of hope. God’s Word is true. The Holy Spirit is working. God’s grace is real. Jesus is who he said he is—and does what he says he will do. And in these pages, Mark gives practical and hopeful advice about how the average pastor and follower of Jesus can be a part of what God is doing in his church and our world.


Jeff Greenway

Lead Pastor, Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church

Former President, Asbury Theological Seminary


Acknowledging the emotive, even divisive nature of this topic, he lovingly invites the reader into a thoughtful conversation rather than a debate. He offers healing to the abused, insight to the befuddled, and wisdom to those who would love to tackle this difficult issue in the church together. This book feels like a means of grace and provides a vision of wholeness and holiness for all God’s children.


Dr. Paul W. Chilcote

Professor of Historical Theology & Wesleyan Studies

Ashland Theological Seminary


This book bears the stamp of Mark Ongley’s blessed gift of balancing genuine compassion for the sexually broken, a biblical conviction about the susceptibility of our sexuality to profound sinfulness, and the courage to address this delicate topic with candor and clarity that can lead to genuine healing and hope.


Eric Leonard

Park United Methodist Church

North East, Pennsylvania


I do not in the least feel I am being dramatic or overstating its impact when I say this book can change your life.  It is not just a book to read but is laid out like a workbook. It’s designed to bring into awareness new levels of insight, for one to ponder, pray over, and then suggests concrete steps to take next.


Victoria Kepler Didato, MA, LPC, LSW, DAPA

Director Child Sexual Abuse Institute of Ohio

Author, One in Four and  Treatment Issues for Sexual Abuse Survivors and Offenders


Dr. Ongley’s deepest desire in this marvelous book is to equip churches to minister with integrity to people who are sexually broken.  He calls us, as a church, to study and address these issues with integrity, authority and hope.  Given our relative inattentiveness, or misguided attentiveness to these issues, this book is a must read for every pastor serving people today. 


Dr. Michael Mahoney, St. Paul Catholic Church and Gates Ministry, New Bern, North Carolina.


The topic of homosexuality and the church has been studied and debated so much recently, one might suspect there is little left to be said and that the discussion, where it stands today, has proverbially “generated more heat than light.” Pastor Mark Ongley’s book, Into the Light, significantly moves the topic forward by firmly situating the issue of homosexuality within the totality of the Church’s teaching on all sexual matters.


The Rev. Dr. Eric Ash

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod


Standing firmly with one foot in the Wesleyan tradition and another in frontline ministry, Mark Ongley has a heart for the hurting and the lost. His new book successfully cuts through the confusion of contemporary culture in order to offer the Church a distinctly “Jesus way” to think about the difficulties surrounding conversations of sexuality and sexual behaviors and, more importantly, to minister to those wrestling with those issues. This book is a gift to all who take seriously ministry to the hurting in our broken world.


Rev. Keith H. Mcilwain

Pastor of Slippery Rock United Methodist Church (Western PA Conference) in Slippery Rock, PA


Using scripture, personal anecdotes and his years of experience as a healer and counselor, Dr. Ongley encourages readers to walk with God on the path to recovery and wholeness. Those fatigued by the often vitriolic responses to the changing perceptions of sexuality in our society will find in Dr. Ongley a pastoral heart and voice.


Dr. John Byron

Professor of New Testament, Ashland Theological Seminary


In this masterfully written work, Dr. Mark Ongley candidly discusses the pertinent and sometimes controversial issues of sexuality from a biblical perspective that is relevant and highly informative. Mark’s treatment of perhaps the most precious gift given to humanity is balanced, thorough, truthful, loving and healing. The book “Into The Light” is a must read for Christians and non-Christians alike.


Dr. Benjamin Franklin Jr.


Senior Pastor: Inner Healing Ministries Church Cleveland, Ohio

Adjunct Professor: Ashland Theological Seminary Ashland, Ohio

Faculty Member: The McCreary Institute for African American Religious Studies Cleveland, Ohio


Mark Ongley has wrestled with the issues of human sexuality in his ministry, in counseling, and now in written form. His work is a must-read for us in the church, a work for us to discern and pray over. We live in time when the church is being bombarded by so many views. Mark helps us focus in on the view of God. I highly recommend opening our hearts to his work and letting God use this to keep us focused in our ministry and the work of the church in an ever-changing world.


Rod Smith

Chippewa United Methodist Church

Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania


I have observed the excellent fruit of Mark Ongley’s ministry in the lives of those he has counseled. This much-needed book offers hope for healing the sexual brokenness that stalks every segment of society and the church.


Steve Cordle

Author of The Church in Many Houses

Founding and Senior Pastor, Crossroads Church

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Thank you all for your faithful readership through the years.


Grace & peace,



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    High praise, indeed, from some very respected people in the field of healing ministry. Kudos, Mark!

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