mike mahoneyDr. Mike Mahoney is a gifted pastoral counselor serving in New Bern, NC. He is founder and president of Gates Ministry and an ordained deacon in the Roman Catholic Church. He is also Chairman of Faith Connection, a non-profit organization of eighteen member churches, bringing services to those in need in the New Bern area. His breadth of experience includes teaching at St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry, and serving on the “Come Away with Me” retreat team.

Martha Smith

Dr. Martha Smith currently serves as a therapist at Heart Studio South Counseling Center and as Director of Spiritual Formation at First United Methodist Church in Camden, Arkansas. She holds a Doctor of Ministry degree in Formational Counseling with an emphasis on dealing with trauma and attachment issues.


Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson is the founder and Consulting Director of CapTrust in Holland, MI. He has been active in discipleship and mentoring for the last 20 years. Bruce brings an expertise in financial matters as well as being a supporter of the mission of Restored Image.


Tim Maybray

Rev. Tim Maybray has pastored Titusville Free Methodist Church since 1999 and has a keen interest in seeing churches offer ministry leading to freedom, forgiveness and fullness.